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Friday, November 18, 2005

A new place for my stuff!

I am very excited to announce that I have moved my blog to my very own URL!!!!

So please click here for my continued bloggy thoughts.

It's a work in progress but it looks cool (I can take zero credit for that!) and I will no longer post on blogger.com.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Utter Randomness

(Please click the emotion links when you have finished reading as I wish to spread the joy…)

In a rare display of self-centered behavior (sniff sniff…do you smell sarcasm?) I re-read a couple of my last blog entries to see how interesting I am. I was horrified to discover that I have the occasional missing word or incomplete thought. Who the hell is writing this blog because I’m way too cool for these typographical errors? I suppose that I get ahead of myself sometimes and just fail to see what I have typed because I’m thinking it just fine.

I’m very narcoleptic today. I just want to sleep. However, payroll must be completed.

Tonight the Dallas Stars play the Mighty Ducks at 9:30 p.m. Dallas time. I hate the Ducks. I know that there are probably Duck fans out there that hate the Stars and that’s fine. But Talented Writer Sis-in-Law and our hubbies went to Round 2 Game 2 of the Stanley Cup semi-finals that pitted the Ducks versus the Stars and the calling of penalties was so lopsided it was insane.

Also, Lost is on tonight. I am a little cheesed that they are going to cover the back half of the plane. Don’t get me wrong….I really want to know their story but dang it Sawyer is unconscious. Shannon was shot by that be-otch Anna Lucia (it was an accident sure but still!). Sayid is ticked AND he saw Walt in the jungle. Since the back-halfers have found the mid-sectioners that means Rose and Bernard will be reunited and I am dying to see that (grab some tissues). I am quite interested in Mr. Echo’s story for sure. AND HEY…what happened w/ that numbers guy whose name I can’t remember. He darted off into the woods like a friggin stag and so where did he go and what is he doing? Did the Others get him?

I want to plug TWSIL's poem.....and Rebekah is posting beautiful work for her Art Everyday Month....it is super creative and beautiful stuff with great stories tied to them.

Anyway…back to work…..GO STARS!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Work til you Forget

I swear I'm so busy sometimes that I completely forget what I'm doing!

I came home tonight all happy because I had all my timesheets and I knew once I got the man and the girl fed and laundry going in the dryer I could prop my feet up and start working payroll while I watch the Cowboy's game. So here I sit...with no way to do work of any kind because my thumb drive is missing. I'm certain I left it plugged into my computer at work, but I simply can't remember. It's not like there is anything highly sensitive on the (TOUCHDOWN COWBOYS!) drive, but there are several spreadsheets that I've been working on for a couple of weeks (a continuously growing budget) and some payroll items I need. But the sheer fact that I truly cannot remember the last time I had it bothers me. Further, I promise I looked to see if it was plugged into the machine today and don't remember it being there. It is supposed to be a keychain but I have the keyring of a high school janitor so that didn't work for me. I shouldn't be so worried about it (Talented Writer Sis-in-Law has reason to freak if her's goes missing since I know she has manuscript parts and pieces on hers....and hubby carries HUGE thumb drives...like a gig of space on them so they are pricey) since mine cost maybe $30 and I could replace the work since I emailed the last revision of the budget to the boss...it's just that I feel old and somewhat panicky that I truly have no idea what happened to it. It further bothers me that I am this worried about it when I haven't verified that it's not at work.

I've decided that I am becoming completely transfixed by Ancient Egyptian artifacts of Anubis. I have not reason for this other than I love the look ... nothing quite says cool like the head of a jackal, eh? haha! Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, was the guide of the dead as they made their way through the darkness of the underworld. There's all kinds of little Anubis boxes and pictures etc. on eBay and I keep hinting around regarding a decor change to my hubby (what's wrong with a little Anubis and Isis?) My dear hubby has informed me that Tut's Tomb will not be making an appearance in our living room...(maybe our bath?)....

My dear small bird had her first Art Society meeting tonight. She was very happy and excited about it. They are starting to plan activities for the year and she was pleased to be a charter member of the very first Art Society in her elementary school.

I suppose I will wrap up and watch the Cowboys and fold laundry. I must mention that I was completely depressed with the Redskins loss by lousy point to the Bucs last night. (sob) But it was a super good football game.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Woof. Purr.

I have this overwhelming duality today. I want to lounge in bed and stretch all the way across it sideways and I want to go for a stroll in the park. I feel like a million bucks but I might be catching a cold. I'm happy that I have a million things to do at work but I detest not being able to leave yet. I want to eat a whole can of pear halves...but only between bites of chips and salsa. It'll make for a remarkably interesting evening for my hubby for sure. I'll want him to pamper me while I wait on him hand and foot! haha!

Talented Writer Sis-in-Law is revamping her blog and it looks really cool. You should check it out and tell her what you think! It's very bright and the fonts are great.

I've officially had no cigarettes for eight weeks today. It's starting to not bother me much any more. I have moments where I'd love to smoke and then there are times where it disgusts me to smell it. Today I had lunch at a place called Addison Point that is really just a bar. (But the food is really pretty good!) Well my hair now smells like smoke. It's grossing me out and making me wish for a pack at the same time (again with the duality).

Aw hell...boss needs me.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pride and Fury

It never ceases to amaze me how much joy and pride your children can provide. And just one drop of these emotions weighs at least one hundred times the cases of worry and anger they furnish as well. My small bird (aside from being a figure skater) has always been something of an artist. (Again, a trait that must come from my spouse because it’s usually all I can do to write in barely legible English.) She has always been enamored of paints, markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Not so much on clay or sculpting…just put color to paper and go for it. She is always the ‘pet’ of the art teacher and it’s always her favorite “special”. Last week all of the fourth and fifth grade students received an invitation from the art teacher to submit a piece of original art to be judged by the K-3 staff. The selected students would be the 2005-2006 Art Society for the school and have meetings and go on outings and paint and sculpt and draw, etc. The small bird was WAY excited about this and announced that her medium would be watercolors and we needed to go shopping for “proper paper”. The artwork was due Monday and the judging was yesterday with the results announced today.

All of the work had to follow a theme. The theme was “Our School is the Path to Success”. She painted a school bus climbing a steep hill toward a sign that read “success” pointing upward. The rays of the sun beat down on the sign and the path beyond the sign. It is quite remarkable and, again, I’m always amazed at her ability.

Today my bird called me VERY excited and told me that she is, indeed, a member of this year’s Art Society!! I was so proud and happy for her. Her sweet voice announcing, “Momma! I made it! I’m on the Art Society!” will give me a grin and a happy tear for the next few days for sure.

And thank the Lord for that because I’ve spent the greater part of this afternoon in an absolute fit about some mess at work. In order not to slam the innocent, I must say that sometimes people’s attempts to exercise control over others is so downright enraging that I want to flail and punch. Fortunately, all the altercation I was involved in was verbal and the questionable party didn’t make an appearance in our office today. So when I went to the boss and informed him of my conversation and concerns I was told that I had been lied to. So now I’m REALLY pissed. I am not perfect (by far) and I know I make mistakes and I’m swamped (I run this office as well as doing all the payroll, billings, contracts, etc AND support the boss and our sales person) and I know that everyone wants to “help me”…but the path to Hell is paved with good intentions. So if we’re gonna play Devil’s Advocate … BRING IT because I know I can play better than anyone else here.

I also found this picture of Josh Holloway today and, frankly, he’s so beautiful it makes me squirm….so I’m sharing it.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Good God I love Hockey Players

I try very hard not to be a walking hormone. After all, I'm a responsible married person with a child! But when those hockey players hit the ice I can't help it. I mean...LOOK at them!

The Dallas Stars played one awesome game last night, beating the Edmonton Oilers 4-0. Marty Turco had an amazing game. I love it when he serves up shut outs. It's further amazing with the new rules and everything. The instances of the shut out goalie performance are decreasing rapidly.

The Small Bird made it through the second period and then crashed on the couch. She's impressively picking up the rules and how the game works. She's finally old enough to really sit for a period of time and pay attention to something and since hockey games move so quickly she has no problem watching (until we get to about 9 p.m. haha!) and learning. She did ask for a clarification on what a "delayed penalty" was last night. She was also very concerned about the number of penalties in the first period. "Just let them play!" she yelled. My sentiments exactly. 8-}

Well, I'm about to starve to death so I suppose I'll go get hubby and get some lunch. We have to go buy fish food too which means a trip to Dallas North Aquarium. I love that place. They have awesome fish.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Sit-Spin

Hooray! My sweet skater girl can do her sit-spin! This is a very important part of passing her next test. She's really been struggling with it since it takes such a large amount of leg strength to achieve. As the name suggests, you have to be able to sit almost all the way down on the ice while spinning around about 498 times faster than a normal person can stand AND THEN stand back up without falling (and continuing to spin of course). She's been very frustrated lately and seeming discouraged and its been really making me sad. So her ability to finally complete it with some regularity today was a big step forward.

She loves to skate. She's also now at a level where it takes A LOT of work to pass tests to go forward (and it won't get any easier, of course). She is such a small thing that the elements that take strength are hard for her. Most of the difficult spins are strength elements. Jumping is all about alignment and keeping your self tightly together. One of her coaches uses the praise "like you are being sucked through a straw" to describe the in-flight portion of jumps. She has all of her one rotation jumps down and now she's working on stringing them together in combinations. Very exciting!

She's also participating in "Rudolph On Ice" which will be in December. She's super excited about it. It's like our very own Disney on Ice! My Small Bird is going to be a mouse in the "Woodland Creatures" portion of the program. All the girls are working hard on being the best group in the production. Each of the skating rinks is sending a team to 'represent' them...of course it's not a competition, only a show for entertainment. But, anyway, it's going to be really cool and their program is a little over 6 minutes! They will all be gassed when it's over!

My sister has managed to NOT go in to labor or perform any odd childbirth rituals on herself, thank the Lord. Tomorrow we're throwing her baby shower so hopefully we can keep her entertained and still the whole time. I'm a realist and as such the gift I'm giving her is diapers and wipes and a lot of both! Those are always the things that suck up all the money from your budget with a new baby and there's nothing like a stash that was free for the new parents!

Last, my beloved Dallas Stars are showing how awful they can be one day followed by how amazing they can be the next day. The Kings trashed them and then they killed the Blackhawks. They play the Colorado Av's in about a half an hour...GO STARS!