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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Check the Lingo...

Tonight we're going to the Dallas Stars game! What an awesome reason to make it through the work day! We play the Los Angeles Kings ... Jeremy Roenick is on their roster...whom I despise. He deserved everything my darling Derian Hatcher dished out. (Derian Hatcher...great defensive hockey player... gigantic specimen of a man ...not the sharpest tool in the shed...but oh well he just needs to skate and look good, eh?)

As usual, I'm careening off course. I'll try not to be so wheels-off. Anyhoo; today hubby and I go to lunch together. I wore my Hatcher jersey to work since I didn't want to have to change and I wouldn't have time to go home prior to the game. We walked into one of our favorite restaurants

and we are greeted by a very nice young lady who smiles at me and says, "Go Stars!" I return the sentiment. As we are being walked to our table the manager is standing near the bar area and he sees me. He says, "Hey, I like your Stars outfit."

SCREEEEEEEEEECH. Stars outfit??? Ummmm.....it's a Stars JERSEY and if you are a real old school hockey fan it's a Stars SWEATER. I stared at him dumbfounded for a moment and said, "Thanks." Outfit? Am I dressed for Halloween without my knowledge?

He proceeds, "Are the Stars playing tonight?" As if your previous comment didn't make it completely obvious that you aren't a fan. "Yes, indeed," I retort.

He looks stymied. "Are they home?" he inquires.

"Yes," I retort.

I forgive him for not being a fan. But "I like your Stars outfit?" It made me feel like perhaps he was talking to a dressed up kid. Check the lingo, baby.

I think sometimes people talk thinking that it makes the atmosphere nice. Maybe they just can't stand silence. But some people need to just say, "Welcome!" and move on. It reminded me of a story Talented Writer Sis-in-Law told me long ago. She was working on a Friday in a remote office that was frequented by the occasional dope. She wore jeans with a Harley Davidson t-shirt (great casual Friday gear). The Occasional Dope came in. Upon seeing TWSIL, he clearly needed to have a conversation with a cute red-head. Tolerating him politely, TWSIL spoke briefly with him at which point he blurted, "Do you ride Harleys??" TWSIL said, "My fiancee and I ride together." (Not that he needed to know but in the good name of being polite.) At which point the OD looks very proud and announces, "I thought so cos it says it on your shirt."

Wow. Thanks, Bright Star.

Anyway... I'm just complaining for no reason I guess. People try to be nice. But it's mostly annoying.

GO STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Michelle Miles said...

ROFL! I think sometimes people just think they're being cool when they say dumb shit. Hope you're having a blast at the game! :)

5:15 PM  

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