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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Gecko Saving

I am not an environmentalist. I don’t recycle. I am not a big fan of PETA or pro-lifers that kill people who work at abortion clinics. But I am not a monster. I love the little animals and the places that the live in. I respect that most animals should be in the wild and don’t need our help to get by. But sometimes, just sometimes, I feel the need to intervene.

There is a large gecko population around my house. Either they’ve always been around and I haven’t noticed until just a few years ago or it is a current boom in gecko-ism. Either way, I appreciate the gecko. They eat bugs. I’d much rather have geckos than bugs. Plus they are cute - especially the babies. I also love the way they move with their slinky, clingy way.

So…deciding I needed to get away from my desk, I grabbed my mailbox key so I could check our mail. This building is small; not a lot of tenants; and the elevator is extremely slow. Getting out of here is something you’ll never do in a hurry unless maybe you careen down the staircase. So while I’m waiting I notice a small thing on the overlook ledge. (The entire building is like an atrium…each floor has an overlook ledge that looks into the foyer and garden area. It’s very pretty with marble flooring and the works.) I stroll over and to my surprise it’s a baby gecko! Very small. Very cute. Very ALONE! Suddenly I was concerned for the welfare of this tiny creature. CERTAINLY it is lost. CERTAINLY it will starve to death. There’s NO WAY this little guy meant to be here. It was up to me to save him. I put my left hand in front of him while gently prodding with my right hand hoping he didn’t shed his tail in the process.

I may have failed to mention but geckos are freaking FAST little buggers…and this one stayed true to form and moved across to my hand in .000001 seconds. The rest happened in slow motion. He ran into my left hand and prior to this information actually traveling from my eyes to my brain he ran OFF my left hand …. Thus beginning to plummet three stories to the ground. In my mind I heard the ultra-theatrical, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” as my outstretched left hand tried in vain to become Mr. Stretchfingers and grab the now doomed gecko. I could see all four of his little legs and his tiny tail flailing as he proved that gravity was working just fine.

At that moment the elevator “dinged”. I raced for it almost in tears knowing that when I got to the ground floor I would find a splattered gecko and would have to have a gecko funeral (after I found something to wipe him off the marble floor).

The trip to the ground floor was agonizing. I wanted to weep. I HAD MURDERED A GECKO! Oh the horror.

I got off the elevator and timidly tiptoed to where the little carcass should be and there it was….a perfect little gecko body. I reached down and it RAN RIGHT INTO MY HAND AND UP MY ARM!

Oh baby! Oh honey! You are okay! (I actually said these words out loud. I’m so hoping no one heard me.)

I rushed outdoors and put him in the bushes. I’m sure he was glad to get away from me.

I have sworn off any future conservation of anything.


Blogger Michelle Miles said...

Aw... sweet lil baby gecko. I'm so glad he didn't splatter! haha

1:31 PM  
Blogger Lucky Devil said...

I'd love to walk out into the atrium and see the crazy lady cooing to some invisible something on her hand, saying it was all OK and calling it baby and honey!

I think geckos have been spreading. My parents have them in N FL, but only as of about 10 years ago, and we didn't have them there growing up. I think they're just more widely accepted now because of Geico.

2:33 PM  
Blogger Lucky Devil said...

Oh and by the way: putting her upright 'do into your car's engine would be called a "hairfilter"!

2:35 PM  
Blogger Sandy J said...

What a great story! So glad he made it.

8:04 PM  

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