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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lost Last Night

WOW! What a great episode of Lost! I can't believe the twists and turns in this show! If 23 people survived from the tail section of the plane, where did the rest of them go? Did the "Others" kill them? Did they get sick and die? Where did Desmond go? Why has the Dharma Initiative not returned to the island yet (or have they!??!) ... anyway....as usual the show was awesome and Josh Holloway is unbelievable eye candy....those dimples... (swoon)

My small bird is really becoming quite the figure skater. I'm so proud of her. When I arrived at the rink last night at about 5:50 there was only about 10 minutes of freestyle ice time left. When she saw me she made sure I was watching and she hurried to center ice, turned around backward, built up some speed and did a loop jump w/ a full rotation in it and landed it beautifully! Then she did three other jumps w/ a full rotation and pretty landing! I was so proud! I hugged her and told her how wonderful she was. She's worked so hard (and we've spent a fortune) so after all the $$$, sweat, and bruises she's preparing to pass her next test and move up a level.


Blogger Michelle Miles said...

HOORAY on the Skater Girl! :)

RE: LOST - you are so right. The episode brought up some interesting questions. But I felt like overall it was kinda flat. But that's just me. LOL OH and I think Sawyer's love interest is gonna be that Ann-Lucia beotch. :P

7:48 AM  

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