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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Good God I love Hockey Players

I try very hard not to be a walking hormone. After all, I'm a responsible married person with a child! But when those hockey players hit the ice I can't help it. I mean...LOOK at them!

The Dallas Stars played one awesome game last night, beating the Edmonton Oilers 4-0. Marty Turco had an amazing game. I love it when he serves up shut outs. It's further amazing with the new rules and everything. The instances of the shut out goalie performance are decreasing rapidly.

The Small Bird made it through the second period and then crashed on the couch. She's impressively picking up the rules and how the game works. She's finally old enough to really sit for a period of time and pay attention to something and since hockey games move so quickly she has no problem watching (until we get to about 9 p.m. haha!) and learning. She did ask for a clarification on what a "delayed penalty" was last night. She was also very concerned about the number of penalties in the first period. "Just let them play!" she yelled. My sentiments exactly. 8-}

Well, I'm about to starve to death so I suppose I'll go get hubby and get some lunch. We have to go buy fish food too which means a trip to Dallas North Aquarium. I love that place. They have awesome fish.


Blogger Michelle Miles said...

MmMmMm.. I love me some hockey boys... ;)

11:36 AM  

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