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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pride and Fury

It never ceases to amaze me how much joy and pride your children can provide. And just one drop of these emotions weighs at least one hundred times the cases of worry and anger they furnish as well. My small bird (aside from being a figure skater) has always been something of an artist. (Again, a trait that must come from my spouse because it’s usually all I can do to write in barely legible English.) She has always been enamored of paints, markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Not so much on clay or sculpting…just put color to paper and go for it. She is always the ‘pet’ of the art teacher and it’s always her favorite “special”. Last week all of the fourth and fifth grade students received an invitation from the art teacher to submit a piece of original art to be judged by the K-3 staff. The selected students would be the 2005-2006 Art Society for the school and have meetings and go on outings and paint and sculpt and draw, etc. The small bird was WAY excited about this and announced that her medium would be watercolors and we needed to go shopping for “proper paper”. The artwork was due Monday and the judging was yesterday with the results announced today.

All of the work had to follow a theme. The theme was “Our School is the Path to Success”. She painted a school bus climbing a steep hill toward a sign that read “success” pointing upward. The rays of the sun beat down on the sign and the path beyond the sign. It is quite remarkable and, again, I’m always amazed at her ability.

Today my bird called me VERY excited and told me that she is, indeed, a member of this year’s Art Society!! I was so proud and happy for her. Her sweet voice announcing, “Momma! I made it! I’m on the Art Society!” will give me a grin and a happy tear for the next few days for sure.

And thank the Lord for that because I’ve spent the greater part of this afternoon in an absolute fit about some mess at work. In order not to slam the innocent, I must say that sometimes people’s attempts to exercise control over others is so downright enraging that I want to flail and punch. Fortunately, all the altercation I was involved in was verbal and the questionable party didn’t make an appearance in our office today. So when I went to the boss and informed him of my conversation and concerns I was told that I had been lied to. So now I’m REALLY pissed. I am not perfect (by far) and I know I make mistakes and I’m swamped (I run this office as well as doing all the payroll, billings, contracts, etc AND support the boss and our sales person) and I know that everyone wants to “help me”…but the path to Hell is paved with good intentions. So if we’re gonna play Devil’s Advocate … BRING IT because I know I can play better than anyone else here.

I also found this picture of Josh Holloway today and, frankly, he’s so beautiful it makes me squirm….so I’m sharing it.


Blogger Michelle Miles said...

Beautiful, beautiful man.

And uh yeah.. that person will rue the day they trifled with you. It reminds of a quote from Star Wars: "Bring it on. I prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around." ;)

2:55 PM  

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