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Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Sit-Spin

Hooray! My sweet skater girl can do her sit-spin! This is a very important part of passing her next test. She's really been struggling with it since it takes such a large amount of leg strength to achieve. As the name suggests, you have to be able to sit almost all the way down on the ice while spinning around about 498 times faster than a normal person can stand AND THEN stand back up without falling (and continuing to spin of course). She's been very frustrated lately and seeming discouraged and its been really making me sad. So her ability to finally complete it with some regularity today was a big step forward.

She loves to skate. She's also now at a level where it takes A LOT of work to pass tests to go forward (and it won't get any easier, of course). She is such a small thing that the elements that take strength are hard for her. Most of the difficult spins are strength elements. Jumping is all about alignment and keeping your self tightly together. One of her coaches uses the praise "like you are being sucked through a straw" to describe the in-flight portion of jumps. She has all of her one rotation jumps down and now she's working on stringing them together in combinations. Very exciting!

She's also participating in "Rudolph On Ice" which will be in December. She's super excited about it. It's like our very own Disney on Ice! My Small Bird is going to be a mouse in the "Woodland Creatures" portion of the program. All the girls are working hard on being the best group in the production. Each of the skating rinks is sending a team to 'represent' them...of course it's not a competition, only a show for entertainment. But, anyway, it's going to be really cool and their program is a little over 6 minutes! They will all be gassed when it's over!

My sister has managed to NOT go in to labor or perform any odd childbirth rituals on herself, thank the Lord. Tomorrow we're throwing her baby shower so hopefully we can keep her entertained and still the whole time. I'm a realist and as such the gift I'm giving her is diapers and wipes and a lot of both! Those are always the things that suck up all the money from your budget with a new baby and there's nothing like a stash that was free for the new parents!

Last, my beloved Dallas Stars are showing how awful they can be one day followed by how amazing they can be the next day. The Kings trashed them and then they killed the Blackhawks. They play the Colorado Av's in about a half an hour...GO STARS!


Blogger Living Part Deux said...

Congratulations to your daughter. What an accomplishment!!! For me just keeping my ankles straight was an almost insurmountable challenge. So, even in the face of all that ice in Canada, I never quite made the grade in ice skating. Good for her!!!

And I think your choice of gifts for a baby shower is PERFECT! I bet your sister does, too.

By the way - thanks so much for your kind words on my site! Great encouragement.

11:07 AM  
Blogger Michelle Miles said...

AW! Hooray for the little Woo! :) She's getting to be quite the Skater Girl.

I completely forgot about the Stars game on Saturday. WHAA! Fell asleep during the game against the Blackhawks. I actually felt sorry for them since the Stars were killing 'em so bad.

Edmonton tonight. GO STARS!

9:54 AM  

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