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Friday, November 11, 2005

Woof. Purr.

I have this overwhelming duality today. I want to lounge in bed and stretch all the way across it sideways and I want to go for a stroll in the park. I feel like a million bucks but I might be catching a cold. I'm happy that I have a million things to do at work but I detest not being able to leave yet. I want to eat a whole can of pear halves...but only between bites of chips and salsa. It'll make for a remarkably interesting evening for my hubby for sure. I'll want him to pamper me while I wait on him hand and foot! haha!

Talented Writer Sis-in-Law is revamping her blog and it looks really cool. You should check it out and tell her what you think! It's very bright and the fonts are great.

I've officially had no cigarettes for eight weeks today. It's starting to not bother me much any more. I have moments where I'd love to smoke and then there are times where it disgusts me to smell it. Today I had lunch at a place called Addison Point that is really just a bar. (But the food is really pretty good!) Well my hair now smells like smoke. It's grossing me out and making me wish for a pack at the same time (again with the duality).

Aw hell...boss needs me.


Blogger Michelle Miles said...

Hey thanks for the plugage! and Good on ya for not smokin' ;)

1:19 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Ahhh...camel filters. Yum.

I, too, am in the process of getting rid of the dirty habit. Eight weeks sounds really good! I say continue the good work. I hope that I get to the point where I can't even stand to be around them. Too bad right now every time somebody comes near me with the faintest smell of smoke on them I want to inhale them halfway up my nose.

Gross, I know. This is what smoking does to some people.

12:32 PM  

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