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Monday, November 14, 2005

Work til you Forget

I swear I'm so busy sometimes that I completely forget what I'm doing!

I came home tonight all happy because I had all my timesheets and I knew once I got the man and the girl fed and laundry going in the dryer I could prop my feet up and start working payroll while I watch the Cowboy's game. So here I sit...with no way to do work of any kind because my thumb drive is missing. I'm certain I left it plugged into my computer at work, but I simply can't remember. It's not like there is anything highly sensitive on the (TOUCHDOWN COWBOYS!) drive, but there are several spreadsheets that I've been working on for a couple of weeks (a continuously growing budget) and some payroll items I need. But the sheer fact that I truly cannot remember the last time I had it bothers me. Further, I promise I looked to see if it was plugged into the machine today and don't remember it being there. It is supposed to be a keychain but I have the keyring of a high school janitor so that didn't work for me. I shouldn't be so worried about it (Talented Writer Sis-in-Law has reason to freak if her's goes missing since I know she has manuscript parts and pieces on hers....and hubby carries HUGE thumb drives...like a gig of space on them so they are pricey) since mine cost maybe $30 and I could replace the work since I emailed the last revision of the budget to the boss...it's just that I feel old and somewhat panicky that I truly have no idea what happened to it. It further bothers me that I am this worried about it when I haven't verified that it's not at work.

I've decided that I am becoming completely transfixed by Ancient Egyptian artifacts of Anubis. I have not reason for this other than I love the look ... nothing quite says cool like the head of a jackal, eh? haha! Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, was the guide of the dead as they made their way through the darkness of the underworld. There's all kinds of little Anubis boxes and pictures etc. on eBay and I keep hinting around regarding a decor change to my hubby (what's wrong with a little Anubis and Isis?) My dear hubby has informed me that Tut's Tomb will not be making an appearance in our living room...(maybe our bath?)....

My dear small bird had her first Art Society meeting tonight. She was very happy and excited about it. They are starting to plan activities for the year and she was pleased to be a charter member of the very first Art Society in her elementary school.

I suppose I will wrap up and watch the Cowboys and fold laundry. I must mention that I was completely depressed with the Redskins loss by lousy point to the Bucs last night. (sob) But it was a super good football game.


Blogger Michelle Miles said...

Girlfriend, you crack my shit up! Loved your entry today. haha

8:08 AM  

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